Linux web browsers: Firefox, Opera, Flock, Chrome, Epiphany, Konqueror...

Spanish version: Navegadores web para Linux

Web browsers are mainly used to see websites, but also include more functions that allow you to conect to FTP servers, read RSS and Atom feeds, watch videos, music and much more.

To view some elements you will need to install some plugins like Flash Player, Java or other plugins like media players.

Free cross-platform browser. It respects the web standards, is the most secure available, is optimized to load pages as fast as possible, using tabbed browsing, you can install plugins easily and automatically, supports all types of supplements, it is highly customizable, supports themes, has anti-pishing against misleading pages and is integrated with Prism, download manager, RSS reader, etc ...

2. Opera
Well known, is free cost but not free software. It is very configurable, it also has everything you need: RSS Reader, widgets, download manager, tabbed browsing, start window, zoom, and much more.

3. Flock
From Firefox browser have created this ideal browser for those people who want to get all the juice to the website to share pictures, access your accounts, blogs ... Flock is designed to be the browser of addicts to the network.

The default browser in Gnome desktop, but not many people use it. It is an easy and simple browser that does not spend too many system resources.

5. Konqueror The default browser in KDE desktop, well known, elegant and with all the features of this desktop. Includes tabbed browsing, download manager, many configuration options and uses the same engine that Safari.

The free cross-platform browser created by Google. It has a nice way to browse, with support for tabs, labels, bookmarks, and advanced security features designed to avoid typical crashes and loss of information that we are so uncomfortable.

Browser that retains the features of the old Netscape 4. Ideal for melancholy but quite outdated compared to the rest of browsers.

8. Netscape
This browser has ceased to exist to make way for Firefox. Even on your website you can download the program from the previous version, Netscape Navigator 9 to version 4, which is identical to SeaMonkey but not upgraded.

9. Internet Explorer on Linux
IE for Linux:
Using Wine libraries you can install Internet Explorer in Linux computers with fairly good results. This can be useful if you are a webmaster or you need to use it for any reason given. You can install it easily using Play on Linux.

More web browsers:

· Galeón: Web browser than before it was used in the Gnome desktop. Nowadays the project is a little left (there are other browsers that do the same function).

· Safari (with Wine): You can install Safari on Linux using Wine. We recommend you read a guide like this because you have to make a slightly unusual configuration.

· Dillo : Web browsers lightweight and efficient. His site:

· Iceweasel / Abrowser : Because the name and logo are trademarks of Firefox, some distributions are changing the name to Firefox, and publish it as if it were a separate program (and is supposed to be 100% free, but actually using one or another does not make any difference). /

Note: If you do not know how to use one of these programs, see our guide to install applications in Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora...)

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