Web editors for Linux: Create and edit HTML and PHP websites

Do you have website or want to create one? You can do this in two ways, using a graphic editing program or directly writing source code. To create it from source code (HTML, PHP...) you only need a text editor (and enough knowledge), so here we will talk about graphics editors, which greatly simplify the task:

1. Kompozer / Nvu
A few years ago Netscape had a web page editor called "Composer", but they left its development. From there came Nvu, which improved Composer, after that came "Kompozer" which is basically a more stable version of Nvu.

Kompozer is an HTML editor that lets you create websites easily without difficulty. It has several tabs to let you edit the page, see the elements (tags) and scripts, edit the source code (HTML, PHP...) or preview the result, it also allows you to edit multiple pages simultaneously and synchronize with the saved version of your FTP web server, so that publish the files automatically.

More functions: Check validated HTML, CSS editor, plugins support, insert PHP code, etc...
This program is not designed for professionals, so if you are an expert webmaster kompozer can be a bit small for you.

2. Composer at SeaMonkey
As already we mentioned, Composer was the websites editor that was made by Netscape Navigator. Now you can get it with Seamonkey, but before install Composer you should try Kompozer which is almost the same program but with many improvements.

Web editor that was created by the W3C and designed to write web pages without having to worry about respecting the WWW standards. Amaya make webpages that should look good on all web browsers.

Amaya is quite comprehensive and serves well for creating and editing websites graphically also you van get updated versions of the program and improvements frequently.

4. Codetch
Firefox add-on to design and creatie web pages. Codetch have a good reputation and many people compared to Dreamweaver.

With this program you can edit pages from the graphical editor and you can also access the source code directly.

5. Quanta Plus
Quanta Plus has both a code editor (Source HTML editor) as an graphical editor (VPL Editor). It also lets you use both editors at once and see previews of the result.

It has toolbars separated by its function: Standard with plain text, CSS Style options, Tables, Lists, Forms to create forms and Other.It also includes other applications such as integrated KImageMapEditor edit HTML image maps, Kompare to compare differences between two files, Controller Link, and scripts to manage Cervisia CVS.

It is not a graphic editor. It has many features and is widely used.

Bluefish separates its functions into tabs: Standard functions fast bar, founts, tables, frames, forms, list and CSS.
Also it allows you to create files in HTML, PHP and many more languages.

Other programs:

· Dreamweaver (withWine): Through the Wine libraries you can install in Linux the Windows version of Dreamweaver. You can install it easily from WineDoors. Its site:

· Adobe Flash: Tool to create web animations, presentations and games that you can integrate into your webpages (swf). To install and use read our article "Flash Player para Linux".

· KToon: Another program to create 2D animation and rendering in Flash format (swf). Supports layers, timeline and it's free software (and free cost). Its website:

Note: If you do not know how to use one of these programs, see our guide to install applications in Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora...)

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